Training sessions for adults and children

training sessions families

The next 23 March, comienza en San Juan del Hospital una retrained –directed by young people volunteer, for adults and children. Will take place every Saturday of 17:30h a 19:00h. We want to welcome families who for various reasons are in Spain and seek support in human and Christian values. They will receive training sessions and preparation for the Sacraments.

Thus we join the request of Pope Francis Evangelii Apostolic Exhortation in his Gaudium:

Since this Exhortation to the members of the Catholic Church addresses would like to express pain the worst discrimination against the poor it is the lack of spiritual care. The vast majority of the poor have a special openness to faith; They need God and we can not help but offer his friendship, his blessing, his Word, the celebration of the sacraments and the proposal of a path of growth and maturity in faith. The preferential option for the poor must be translated primarily in a religious privileged and priority attention. Father Francisco. Evangelii Gaudium (EG 200).

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