Last year Cultural Hangout 2017-18

CULTURAL QUEDADA LAST YEAR 2017-18. (Young Professionals)
Did you know that in San Juan del Hospital is a Roman circus and a crypt? Do you know the history of the Church? You know that devotion to Santa Barbara it spreads throughout Spain from this church? What about if you heard that John was used as a cinema does not much?
The next Thursday 28 to the 20.30 hours San Juan del Hospital: BEFORE AND AFTER THE SAN JUAN HOSPITAL: UN TESORO ARTÍSTICO E HISTÓRICO.
Immediately afterwards there will be a small “picaeta”. If you dare to come by WhatsApp alerts to 653603745 we indicate to you what you could bring to sting, and among all we take charge.
Exclusive tour to close the course, perfect excuse to meet before summer!.

June qeudadas

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