A great Christmas Concert

Last Monday we enjoyed in San Juan for a great Christmas concert organized by the Goethe Foundation. A while before, Vocal quintet Noble Orchestra He started rehearsing in the chapel with some people who accompany them later during a choral verse.
With its heavenly music songs during Advent and Christmas, the world famous vocal quintet Nobile ensembles de Leipzig, He fascinated us with songs and motetIt is Renaissance and modern era Costanzo Festa, Michael Praetorius, Peter Berg y Paul Heller.
With the full Church and a public caught the Christmas spirit and a complete program, He discoursed a perfect evening ended in the South Patio at a reception, with German Christmas sweets that could not miss the "Glühwein", German mulled wine!

Photo gallery:
Christmas Concert & quot; Esemble Nobiles & quot;. November 2017

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