A group of the “CEAM Jorge Juan” visit S. Juan de el Hospital

On Monday 15 February to the 11 h visited us a group of more of 35 people of the Specialized in elderly care center (CEAM Jorge Juan) in Valencia, accompanied by its Director, Maribel Ruiz. The visit - directed by D. José Ibañez, cultural volunteer of the University of Valencia- They were accompanied by the Territorial Director of the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies -DNA. Isabel Serra- and the head of service for coordination of social services and autonomy personnel of the Generalitat Valenciana - Dna. Teresa Vendrell-.










This visit is framed within the Program “Meet your city” developed by the CEAM Jorge Juan, which leads them to know the places and most important monuments of Valencia. The group was surprised and amazed at all the chapels and history of the hospital complex, explained by your guide. Adela accompanied them (s. Juan de el Hospital) which it was illuminating the highlights of the Church to observe them properly. They also visited the Museum, where stopped by the Gargoyle and some other interesting parts.




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