An interesting encounter with tour guides

Last seaTour guidestes day 23 It may took place a meeting with 23 tour guides and some companies in the sector. We wanted to thank the work of cultural diffusion holding that usually pass through the historic and artistic San Juan del Hospital accompanying tourists and various visitors. We also wanted to know more and to turn them know the stages of rehabilitation that have been made during these 50 years and thus facilitate their explanations for visit the monument.

The architect who led the latest work, Jorge G. Valdecabres and restoration of wall paintings, Mar Sabate, They explained some aspects of the Joint.
We had time to exchange views. The guides were very interested in how the Church raises cultural tourism management. We explained that our priority was the pastoral work, all people who want to visit the set while respecting this work and worship are always open.

tourist guidesIn the South Patio, old cemetery area, We share a wine.

Marta Tempering, director of Turiart told us that the artistic historical set of San Juan del Hospital and especially the South Patio where King's Chapel is D. Jaime, (Turiart Jaume I program routes passing through San Juan del Hospital), It has great historical and tourist attraction important for both school groups and anyone interested in the history of Valencia.
Tour guidesThe guides also thanked the brochures available in different languages ​​and information signs in some parts of South Patio.






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