An oasis of peace amid the city

TO 300 the Cathedral of Valencia, to 150 metres from the street of la Paz, and scarce 50 metres from the plaza de San Vicente Ferrer is the Church of San Juan of the Hospital, in the calle Caballeros ratchet, in the heart of La Xerea district, Ciutat Vella.San Juan del Hospital, Patio Norte

The Church of San Juan de el Hospital from the street may pass unnoticed, but as soon go through the transit of the entrance door, you will welcome the sculpture of our Lady of the miracle and at the same time crosses the Crusaders of the 13th century: a combination of faith, art and history.

The historic San Juan de el hospital, that the Church is the heart of the same, It is in itself a Museum in which to embrace the Romanesque styles, Arabic, Gothic, Baroque, … In that same place created the Knights of the Orden de San Juan de el Hospital de Jerusalén makes almost 800 years the oldest church in Valencia after the Reconquista.

But all this would make no sense now or eight centuries without the Church as a common denominator and the faith in which we believe without having seen: God, creator of heaven and Earth; Jesus Christ who was raised on the third day and ascended into heaven; I believe in the Holy Spirit, in the resurrection and eternal life.

The Church of San Juan de el Hospital, like no doubt any other church, It tries to be a true oasis in the heart of the big city, in the rush, gentío y estrés que caracterizan las grandes urbes. Las puertas de San Juan del Hospital están abiertas a todos entre siete y nueve horas al día, and up to nine o'clock in the evening.

We invite you to participate in the Eucharist (see schedules/agenda), in the sacrament of penance (whenever the Church is open there are confessors), to participate in any activity of the Church, or to have to level personal prayer daily or weekly under its vaults and collected awhile ambient.

Location San Juan del Hospital

Knights ratchet, 5 VALENCIA