A little history

We show the cover of the magazine “Current” and an article on San Juan del Virgen del MilagroHospital published in it, the 31 in January of 1908.
We can see that the Virgen del Milagro carried in her arms the Child, which he disappeared in the war of 36.


The church and house of the Order of San Juan

“Everyone knows that the Knights of the Military Order of San Juan del Hospital took a very active part in the conquest of the kingdom of Valencia held in the third decade of the thirteenth century by King unbeaten Don Jaime I of Aragon. Those crossed worshiped an image of the Virgin, we are the first to make known, dressed as inappropriate robes, there was ocultado always traces its marmoreal, for the first period of ogival art. To place this Hospitalarios built a stone chapel, in which Jaime I heard the sacrifice of the Mass, during purification and reform of the mosque.

But the main church should not be built until the late fourteenth century, because it corresponds to half of a tombstone and emblazoned, which is at the temple gate, belonging to a gentleman who undoubtedly received burial in sacred.

In the fifteenth century it is when the church of San Juan del Hospital received its greatest splendor. To judge their artistic riches just a glance the beautiful retablo of one of the side chapels, preserved until today, Fortunately, behind the modern altar,. Although not all of the same era, tables for upper body are the fifteenth century and the lower end of the sixteenth century, It is an interesting monument to the history of Spanish painting.

You can not lock in small limits of this information the many antiques preserved in the building of the Hospitallers; no need to materialize to those which are absolutely unknown to the public, and from them to the most interesting. We consider as such the cemetery order, that no historian mentioned, and we presume to have discovered. Examine the reader our picture and see if those arcs, Gothic few, Renaissance other, con blasones particulares, in what is today poultry small, accused or not collective burial.

very curios are the flags that are preserved in one of the chapels of the church; the desbrancada cross and the arms of Spain and Valencia who hold, we inclined to assume belonged to companies realistic volunteers in times of Fernando VII, but we submit our opinion to the study of the reader, for nothing, we know, It has been written on the subject.

And for an end of this quick review we will use the classic marble shield (17TH century) of the illustrious family of Juan de Torres, represented today by the Marquises of Villagonzalo, who are the patrons of this church.

Two of the barracks, weapons are speaking the name Torres and the others symbolize John the Evangelist by the eagle, While the traces of our own heraldry”

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