A little history

The show this Press Clippings 21 and 22 of March 1927 when RESTORATION CHAPEL FUNERAL HOME OR HOSPITAL-D King's Chapel was inaugurated. JAIME. Considered as "Chapel of the Knights of Malta".
He received that name because he claimed the historian Esclápez Mass she heard King James I.
It is one of the first manifestations of Gothic architecture in Valencian domed, It is a building of the last third of the XIII century, Rosemary founded by Arnau, Knight Conquest, Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene. According to a document 1324, which is in the Archive of the Kingdom, and is a testament to his grandson Llançol of Romany. But another document only a few years after another descendant. This type of place a free chapel in the hospital sets seems to derive from the Hebrew funerary traditions, to which they were very respectful.
The news of the opening of the chapel, us did get a person, who visited the site and was delighted and, when he saw the headstone 1927 that is protected in the museum, He told us that he had the newspaper clipping of placing it in the chapel of King D. Jaime and the inauguration. In this way, also with the contribution of individuals, we will expand the evidence base of the history of San Juan del Hospital.
LP 22 03 1927
LCV 21 03 1927

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