An anecdote from the past

The first boxing match in Valencia, It was in San Juan del Hospital

According to a local publication collects then signed by Mario Fontalba, in the courtyard of our Church took place years has a curious boxing match. Apparently, during the War of Succession (1701-1713) Valencia was important and belligerent area. In that war, which fought the Bourbons would then total power- and-Austrian, who held power in Valencia (Crown of Aragon). The latter asked for help from the crown of England, Britain, Austria and Savoy, and from England came soldiers who put their basis in our church of San Juan del Hospital. Here, in his spare time war, they practiced sport, among which was the "boxing" or boxing, in England it was well known and practiced.

The story of the battle picked up by the author reads: "This afternoon, between one and two noon, thing were about ten Englishmen uncovered or courtyard Hospital San Juan, two of which were stripped from the waist up your shirt all inclusive, I was very thin and very good dresses, and they began smacking, snacks and such coups, qual it would certainly be some sort of challenge; perhaps because those who saw them dixeron the others to look upon who put in peace, and they not hizieron; up who having one lying on the ground on the other, It came one of the British touching them with a wand, He fenezió mourning and began to dress so happy these barbarians, as if huviesen done no harm ".

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