A post communion catechesis for the whole family

As we already have two months ago, in March began a family catechesis directed to children who have received first communion with their parents, uncles or family members who wish to attend. It takes place in S. Juan de el Hospital the first Saturday of the month, of 18 to 20 h, and already attend 8-10 children with their parents. The session has a playful character- training and its purpose is that these children maintained his friendship with Jesus and feel part of something bigger than themselves.

catechesis postcommunion 2

The way usual of start is remember any prayer that learned in the catechesis of communion and that us presents to Jesus to spend a good time with the. Every day a child reads it and the whole team joins in the prayer. The topics and activities in the last several sessions have been:
– The first Saturday was devoted to presentations of the group with a snack, and symbolically, each one put a stack next to the Virgin of the room: equal to that there is the positive and negative pole in them, Jesus redeems us and will always change our negative sign in positive.
– Taking advantage of the dates of Easter are foresaw a fragment of the film “The man who performed miracles” and they stopped to comment on the attitudes that produced them curiosity of Jesus and his friends the Apostles. Then they developed games of group in a space close, popular songs and palms, football and cops and bad guys.
– Returning from Easter theme that was “Jesus is alive”. Be used a tab with a comic that interpreted all at the same time and a game of crosswords on words related with the resurrection. There were snack for all is spoke about the places preferred in house (salon, my room, Hall…), about what happens to us when we are in them, and then we discovered that s. John of the Hospital, Jesus also has a favorite spot in which awaits us: the Tabernacle. It worked the theme of the trust, both with Jesus and with the parents and the importance of sincerity, through the game of crazy train. To the end we enjoyed of games traditional of Easter. Camber and the ball group.
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