A family friend of St. Josemaría

Now perhaps you may have a little more time for reading, I recommend this book just edited: Plans of Cremades: a family friend of Saint Josemaría

His actor, Don Javier Cremades Sanz-Pastor is the brother of the rector of San Juan of the Hospital, tries to reflect in this book as St. Josemaría, a man of God, It was humanly: near, affable, affectionate and very helpful. Also how he lived friendship. Recounts many details of a Christian home, bright and cheerful home. And as he tells Don Carlos Cremades, “a home which thank God, the Lord gave me the gift of being part”.

You can download free PDF and epub on the following link: https://www.bubok.es/libros/263025/Los-planes-de-los-Cremades-una-familia-amiga-de-san-Josemaria

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The draft graphic design of the book is by Don Jesús Gil Saenz.

in short, when you pass the health crisis, able to acquire the paper.


My father, Juan Antonio Cremades, He coincided with St. Josemaria Escriva in the classrooms of the Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza between 1925 and 1927. There they became friends.
Years later, in a very painful moment for the founder of Opus Dei -the death of his mother, my father could provide a service for which St. Josemaria always showed him a thank measureless. For this reason, Cremades large family -my parents and ten brothers enjoyed a very close and direct dealings with him until he went to Heaven.
In this book I have collected some of the plans -¡planazos!- we live with our Father and Friend, Saint Josemaria. I tried to highlight his kindness, the love and affection lavished bonhomie (in particular my lucky family), Your Holiness, joy and good humor. Also its proximity and ability to drag God to all who crossed his path.

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