Venezuelans living in Valencia prayed to his patron for peace in his country

Last April took place in the Church of San Juan del Hospital "humanitarian Mass for Venezuela", organized by the Venezuelan Association of Valencia (WITH), in which he prayed for peace and improving the difficult situation in the country.
The Mass was presided over by the image of Our Lady of Coromoto, Patron Saint of Venezuela.
During the celebration donations and drugs that are being designed to alleviate the basic needs they were collected "because in Venezuela the situation is more critical every day, with lack of food and no access to medicines ". Valencian several pharmacies have donated medicines and thanks to the economic contributions, AVEC has told us that may have already performed several shipments.

After the ceremony was blessed to pregnant women and children present (many Venezuelans or children of Venezuelans) with the hope that knowledge of a Venezuela full of peace, light and harmony.

Venezuelan Association in Valencia, erected in 2015, It consists of a hundred Venezuelan families and focuses its work on social support and cultural promotion. Also, each year celebrate the liturgical feast of their patron, In September, with a Mass in the Church of San Juan del Hospital, where he also made a show of typical dances of the country.
In 1944, Pope Pío XII declared the Virgin of Coromoto “Patroness of the Republic of Venezuela” and its canonical coronation took place three centuries after its appearance, in 1952. Venezuelans celebrate his feast three times a year, the 2 February and 8 and 11 of September.

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