Virgin student

There haveVirgen de los Estudiantesitual see young students putting in the hands of the Virgin Student its upcoming exams.

This image of the seated Virgin and Child standing shows in their radiant colors and simple lines the popular interpretation more learned forms. It highlights the contrast between the impassivity of the Virgin and the child mobility and humanization. It is a Romanesque sculpture of wood, painted by an unknown author and belonging to the 12th or 13th centuries. It is the image of the Virgin Mary with the Christ Child seated on her left knee.

This sculpture has a nice history … It was acquired by shepherds in the village of Rada de Haro, departure of Belmonte, in the province of Cuenca, a shepherd, who had it in a corraliza along with timber and firewood. It was asked of: two hams which had just purchased at a village and the money that had (some 1.500 pesetas) of the year 1967. They were missing in the right hand size, the Crown, There was some splintering crease and polychromy was almost negligible. In 1968 were reinstated the right hand and the Crown, and was subsequently restored in 1975 by J. Esteve Edo and polychromed by A. Barat.



My Immaculate mother, What, by receiving in your heart to the word of God, are you throne of glory and wisdom, reach me the grace study with order and consistency, with intensity and presence of God, with purity of intention and effort to service.

Get my work I approach every day to you and to your divine son; that never forget I offer you this, now I make it, to make my hours of study, of truth, hours of prayer.

Help me also, Madam, to achieve the human and supernatural fruit that God expects of my Studio, For what, sanctifying me at work, reach the joy of loving you forever in heaven. Amen

(With ecclesiastic license)

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Prayer (children)

My mother, Virgin student.

You took care of Jesus since childhood and he learned obedience, to study and to work happily with San Jose and very close to you.

Help me pay attention in class,

to do homework well and soon,

to obey the first,

to be a good son and good brother,

and to pray morning and evening.

Virgin Mary, tell Jesus I want you to always be my best friend. Amen.

(Ecclesiastical licensed)