Virgen del Milagro

The image of the Virgen del Milagro who presides over the presbytery is a polychrome stone sculpture made in the year 1974 by José Esteve Edo. It's an enlarged replica of the original sculpture of the Virgin of the miracle of this church, and that is from the year 1939 in the Diocesan Museum of the Seo in Valencia, from el Hospital de San Juan. The original image was brought in the year 1238 by the Knights of the Orden de San Juan de Jerusalén during the conquest of Valencia (a nearly identical replica is preserved in Sangüesa).

The Constitution of the ancient Brotherhood of the Virgin of the miracle was approved by Bishop D. Hugo de Fenollet the 30 April of 1.356. It would be subsequently confirmed by King Pedro IV, who included her in a Royal privilege given in Valencia the 10 of June of 1.371.

Space for a long time had great devotion the Valencian town image, of Alfonso del Castillo Solorzano in his “Tabernacles of Valencia”, printed book in the year 1.635 dice:

“He is devout and does many miracles every day as seen in many presentallas having”. And what proof was estimated that Pope Adrian IV, in 1.552 granted privilege of "plenary indulgence" who utter a short prayer before her.

The Virgen del Milagro has its own Mass, as it stated in the Valencia sacramentary 1.509.

The 23 May 1.971 D. José Maria García Lahiguera, Archbishop of Valencia, He blessed and enthroned again in San Juan del Hospital.

In the work: “The estimated poverty” Lope de Vega, a castaway invokes Nuestra Señora del Milagro:

“… i valedme, beautiful virgin,
purer than the angels.
Star of the Sea, valedme now,
Virgin Miracle
I called in Valencia.
Take me out! Ground…”

Full story of Ntra. SRA. the Virgin of the Miracle, centennial dedication in the San Juan Hospital Complex, click here .

Another second image of the Virgin of the miracle is in the chapel of the transit (as soon as it enters the enclosure by the ratchet street of Knights, to the right) It is a replica made by José Luis Roig.


Virgen del Milagro, I come to ask maternal protection and protection, a ti, you're Lady and Queen of Mercy. Please let me attend to my needs and you protect those I love. Fidelisima Virgin, that your divine Son enlighten my life, and can, with the assurance of my Christian life, help establish in the world the Kingdom of Christ. Lights in my heart the flame of brotherly love to make me better my neighbor's brother. always be my hope in the daily struggles, and your loving protection of Mother, grant me the grace that I ask filial piety (ask). Amen. (With ecclesiastic license)


Virgen del Milagro, I come to you today to seek your motherly help and protection. You are the Lady and Queen of Mercy. I beg you to help me in my needs and to protect all those I love. Most Faithful Virgin, may your divine Son enlighten my life so that I can help to restore the world to the Kingdom of Christ, through the witness of my Christian life. Inflame my heart with the fire of fraternal love, so that I can become like an older brother to my neighbor. Always be my hope in the daily struggles. And through your affectionate protection as Mother, grant me the grace that I request with filial piety (state your request). Amen.


Virgen del Milagro

Replica of the Virgen del Milagro. November 2017