Historical Stages plane

Tour of the historic San Juan de el Hospital de Valencia Museum


  1. Entry transit. S. XIII
  2. red crosses thirteenth century.
  3. Transit primitive chapel. S. XIII
  4. Arches in the courtyard of the Stations of the Cross.
  5. Romanesque door of the early church of San Juan, 13th century.
  6. Primitive Shield Knights Hospitaller, 13th century.
  7. Tiers of the Roman Circus Valencia.
  8. Chapel of Saint Ferréol.
  9. Cord fabric of the former Atrium. Chapel of Our Lady of Students, 14th century
  10. Image of Our Lady the Virgin Student.
  11. Calvary Chapel.
  12. Chapel San Pedro. Altarpiece. S. XIV-XV
  13. Chapel of the Virgin Mary Mother of God
  14. Nave and presbytery.
  15. sanjuanistas red and white bands, 13th century.
  16. Chairs the Image of Our Lady of the Miracle:
  17. Image of San Juan Bautista, titular Church:
  18. XV century stalls
  19. Columns of the transverse arch. Capiteles califales S. X.
  20. Sepulchral slabs, Seventeenth and eighteenth century.
  21. Primitive chapel of Santa Barbara. (South of the presbytery)
  22. Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi. Access Hidden Camera. (North of the chancel)
  23. Chapel of St. Michael the Archangel or wall paintings, 13th century.
  24. Royal Chapel of Santa Barbara. S. XVII
  25. Floret of the key dome of the Royal Chapel of Santa Barbara.
  26. Baroque altarpiece of Palencia origin.
  27. Baroque Sgraffito.
  28. Chapel of the Passion. Chapel Joan -Torres.
  29. Slab-shield in white marble Joan-Torres family
  30. Chapel of St. Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer.
  31. Penitential chapels.
  32. The new penitential chapel,
  33. The image of the Virgin of the Helpless
  34. Southern patio. Crypt of Santa Barbara.
  35. Medieval cemetery.
  36. funeral or hospital-Rey Don Jaime chapel, half of the 13th century.
  37. Arco-thrones of the old cemetery of San Juan Joint Hospital.