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Tour of the historic San Juan de el Hospital de Valencia Museum

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1. Entry transit (13th century).
2. Red crosses of the Crusaders (13th century).
3. Primitive Chapel of the transit (13th century).
4. Sculpture of our Lady of miracle (20th century).
5. Original Chapel of the 13th century chapel of the resurrection.
6. Slab funeral home.
7. The hospital area or hostel arches in the 13th century.
8. The 13th century Romanesque gate.
9. Coat of arms in stone and wood of the order of St. John of Jerusalem (13th century).
10. Steps of the Roman circus.
11. Chapel of Saint Ferréol. Ancient street of the Atrium.
12. Cord fabric of the former Atrium. 13th - 14th. Chapel of the Mascarell.
13. Carving of the Virgin of the students (14th century).
14. Calvary Chapel: Two sizes of the 12th century and the 14th Christ. Old chapel of the Vergers.
15. Altarpiece of San Pedro (14th - 15th).
16. Chapel of the Virgen Madre de Dios. The Virgin of milk oil (18th).
17. Central nave. Sepulchral slabs (17TH - 18th).
18. Banded columns of the main arch: 4 Roman column shafts of white marble. 2 shafts of pink marble with Caliph capitals of the 10th century.
19. Royal Chapel of Sta. Barbara (17TH century), Baroque work of John B. Perez Castiel. Second mausoleum of the Empress Constanza de Grecia.
20. Baroque altarpiece of Palencia origin.
21. The key Finial, of July Capuz.
22. Baroque Sgraffito.
23. Primitive Chapel of Sta. Barbara (14th century).
– First burial Constanza Hohenstaufen, Empress of Greece.
– Key with the Imperial Eagle of the Hohenstaufen.
– Capitals with the Harriers of the lower Austria.
24. Presbytery:
– Red and white bands of the St on the stone ashlars.
– Image of the Virgin of Milagro de Esteve Edó (20th century).
– Choir stalls (15th century).
– Image of San Juan Bautista, titular Church; work in A bronze. Biaginni (19th century).
25. Access to the hidden Chamber or "reconditorio".
26. Chapel of San Miguel Archangel or murals (13th century).
27. Original stone altars (13th century).
28. Altarpiece of the passion, Renaissance, Jerónimo Cósida painter.
29. Coat of arms in marble of the family Joan-Torres.
30. Sculpture in bronze of San Josemaría Escrivá.
31. Penitential chapels:
to) Altarpiece in relief (17TH century).
b) Image of S. Joseph attributed to I.Vergara.
c) Funerary slabs (17TH - 18th).
32. Southern patio. Crypt of Sta. Barbara (14th - 16th).
33. Hospitalario-funeraria Chapel, founded in the 13th century by Arnau de Roma.
34. Arco-solios of the cloister cemetery of the historic 13th century - 14th. Recently recovered, they are studied in their polychromy restoration.
35. Remnants of the Islamic courtyard. Starry font. Study for your recovery.
36. Showroom of archaeological finds.