We have winners “The most sympathetic Holy”

This morning, on the Solemnity of All Saints, They have been exposed in the north Patio, the numerous drawings of children who have participated in the IVth edition of the Drawing Competition "The Holy friendliest". After the Mass 12, -After discussion the jury, which this year have given greater importance to small details, not just how pretty or have been performed the Software-, has revealed the winners:

First prize: José Sánchez - 6 years (Valentine's Day)

Second prize: José Antonio Vitina (Saint George)

Third award: Martina Betoret - 7 years (santa Catalina)

The presidents of the jury were Leo and Celmira, they did here in San Juan prenuptial courses and married in Paraguay. It has commented that this year has significantly increased the number of participants, from a school in Castellón we have brought some 50 drawings.

Congratulations to the winners and encourage all children to participate in the next call!

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