29 of September – STOS. Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

Each 29 of September the Catholic Church celebrates the Three Archangels party: San Miguel, San Gabriel and San Rafael.

Of all the celestial spirits, They are the only ones who know the name and over which we have some references biográicas, of which Sacred Scripture reveals unique missions and, serving God day and night, and looking at his face, to glorify unceasingly.

In the Old Testament, San Gabriel Arcángel "God's strength", It appears in the holy book of the prophet Daniel explaining a vision of the ram and the goat (Dn. 8), and instructing in future things (Dn. 9,21-27). In the Gospels, Saint lucas (1,11-20) Zechariah mentions announcing the birth of St. John the Baptist and Mary (LC. 1,26-38) to conceive and give birth to Jesus.

San Gabriel Arcángel is known as the "angel messenger", He is depicted with a stick scented amaryllis and is patron of communications and communicators that brought the world the most beautiful news with the Annunciation.

The only sacred book that mentions San Rafael Arcángel "God heals", Tobias and is shown in several chapters. There we read that God sends the Archangel to accompany Tobias on a journey, where he married Sara.

Similarly San Rafael Tobias told him how to restore sight to his father. For this reason it is invoked to ward off diseases and achieve end happily travel.

The name of the Archangel San Miguel comes from the Hebrew "Mija-El" which means "Who is like God?” and that, according to the tradition, was the rallying cry in defense of the rights of God when Lucifer opposed the plans and salvific love of the Creator.

The Catholic Church has always had a great devotion to the Archangel Michael, especially to ask him to save us from the attacks of the devil and the infernal spirits. He is usually depicted with the costume centurion warrior or soldier placing his heel on the enemy's head.
San Gabriel Archangel
San Miguel ArchangelSan Rafael Arcangel

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