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Virgin Desamparados

Feast of the Virgin of the Helpless

Saturday 11 May is the Liturgical Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Forsaken. Virgin Mary, patroness of Valencia. “The Virgin of the Forsaken” The Geperudeta also called referring to the slightly bent position assumed. Among the Valencians are very devoted...

Conference: “Jesus is not going to talk to me”

Next Tuesday 7 May at 7:45 p.m., within the Lecture: "It is reasonable believer", we the session entitled: “Jesus is not going to talk to me”. The session will give Aniceto Masferrer. Professor of History of Law, University of Valencia. Am I speaking with Jesus or am afraid to...


Party "mig any" of the Virgin of students

Sunday 5 May we celebrate the feast of “me any” Virgin of students with children and adults, all students!. After the Mass 12h children all go to pray the picture of the Virgin. In the afternoon and after Mass 20h, young people will pray...

San Vicente Ferrer

Feast of San Vicente Ferrer

On Monday 29 April we celebrate the feast of St. VICENTE FERRER, principal patron of Valencia, where we go with special devotion (holy day of obligation in Valencia). Saddened by the disunity within the Church, San Vicente suddenly felt the urge to Providence...

Sunday Resurrecion

Easter Sunday Resurrection of the Lord

Commemoration of the resurrection of the Lord, Foundation of our faith. Jesus Christ lives: This is the great joy of all Christians. 12.30h. PROCESSION OF THE MEETING of the Risen Lord with His Mother. It is usually held in the transit of the church, but before inclement weather, It will be held inside the...

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Holy week 2019

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